About Us:

3D Insulation Ltd was founded in 2006 and operates out of four manufacturing units based in Royton, Oldham, near Manchester.

The directors have over eighty years experience in the industry between them, with a loyal and knowledgeable production staff, some of whom have been in the industry themselves for over 30 years.

3D Insulation Ltd fabricate high performance 3D-Phenolic and 3D-PIR Polyisocyanurate in Pipe Section, R & B Lags, Vessel Insulation, Pipe Supports and Cut Sheet.

3D Insulation Ltd offer excellent service and technical support, and operate Management Systems for ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environment Management.

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3D Insulation Ltd are registered on http://www.greenbooklive.com and rated A/A+ for their 3D-PHEN Phenolic product and is continually striving to minimise environmental impact.
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